Running the Race.

3 Things High School Football taught me about writing.


“I had much to write to you, but I would rather not write with pen and ink.”
(3 John 1:13)


When I was in high school I played football. I wasn’t a very good Football player but I wanted to play. It was difficult and I wasn’t strong enough or brave enough to be a good player. But they needed people for the practice squad and that was my way in.

One day as I stood in uniform next to the coach, a friend passed by and said…

“I didn’t know you were a Football player?!”

To which the Coach answered…

“Well, he plays football BUT he’s not a Football player.”

At the time I found it funny but as time has passed I realized something. I’ve believed that about myself my whole life.


You’re a blogger but you’re not a real writer.

You go to Church but you’re not a real Christian.

You’ve preached but you’re not meant to be a Preacher.

You finished a Marathon but you’re not a real runner.

You’re a Youth Leader but you’re not a real Pastor.


Looking back I realize that High School Football taught me some things about writing. Here are three of them:

(Metaphor Alert)

1. Sometimes we wait our entire life for someone to recognize who we are. We wait around for permission to be who God has made us to be. If you want to play Football, GO PLAY FOOTBALL. Don’t wait to be recruited. Don’t wait to be recognized. Don’t wait to be good. Just go play.

2. Sometimes we become chained by our need for approval. We are held back by someone else’s definition of success. What matters is that you’re on the field and in uniform. Some people will be better than you. Some people will get more attention than you. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You are a football player because you decided to play.

The last point is the hardest…

I ended up getting kicked off the team the last game of the season because I didn’t go to class. I didn’t want to be late for the game. It turns out the entire team would be disqualified if even one student didn’t attend class. I ran all the way home in tears.

3. Play by the rules. Don’t get disqualified. When you do this you get to change things from the inside. It’s the hardest way but it’s the only way. The rules aren’t the gatekeepers. The gatekeepers are the ones who say you can’t play because they think they’re better than you. Don’t let them keep you out.


You don’t need my permission to do these things but here it is anyways:

Do what you love.

Play. Write. Sing. Preach. Paint. Build. You know what makes you a writer? You write. Walk in what you’ve been called to be.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”
(Ephesians 2:10)


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